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 CrazyCrystals - For Windows and Apple Mac

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CrazyCrystals is a colourful matching game, where the objective is to group gems together in groups of three or more. The larger and more complex the groups, the more points are scored. The game features different playing modes, including time-trials and un-timed games for beginners to practice.

The game is currently undergoing beta testing, and is expected to be completed by the end of April. During this testing time, you can get your copy of the game at a reduced rate!

Quick Download Links

Use these quick links to grab the latest version of CrazyCrystals for your platform. For a complete list of all downloads & additional information, visit the CrazyCrystals Download Page.

[Spacer] Download CrazyCrystals For Microsoft Windows
[Spacer] Download CrazyCrystals For Macintosh (Zip) (Zip)

Register Your Copy

The trial versions of CrazyCrystals have many restrictions. Purchasing the game will unlock all of the game restrictions, providing you with unlimited gameplay amongst other things. Purchasing CrazyCrystals is fast, easy, and secure. After purchasing your key number (used to unlock the game) is emailed to you instantly. You can pay using PayPal, any major Credit/Debit card and many other methods. Your key number is valid for all future updates of the game, and will be compatible with all versions of the game.

To learn more about the benefits of registration, and how to purchase the game, visit the CrazyCrystals Registration Page.